FailChips: the brand that sells crushed chips

When you devour a packet of chips, there are often crumbs crushed chips at the bottom of the package. For some people, it's even the best! In the United States, a new brand of chips baptized "FailChips" made his appearance. Its peculiarity: market voluntarily crushed chips.

A surprising business that actually hides a communication operation set up by MailChimp, the famous mailing service that pushes the extreme misappropriation of his name. We like the idea that brings to smile. For more information, visit the website of the operation "FailChips".

FailChips is a fictional brand ...

... who sells crushed chips

A fun communication campaign ...

... orchestrated by MailChimp

Video: Born From Failure: The World's Tastiest Mistake (January 2020).